Which of the following topics would be interesting to explore in Community Research?

Check each of the topics that you would both contribute data and enjoy learning about what your peers doing, thinking or experiencing.

  Compensation and benefits
  Consulting Rates
  Working conditions and job satisfaction
  Software tools and frameworks - preferences and experiences
  Hardware and computational infrastructure
  Continuing education and conferences
  Career path
  Team management
  Executive management
  Team composition and organization
  Building a freelance consulting business
  Building a data/analytics intensive product

Other topics that you would like to see covered in community research?

About You - Share as much as you are willing - Thanks!

Employment Status: Which of the following best describes your current professional status?

Freelance or Solo Consultant
Company Owner or Partner
Unemployed - looking for work

Management Responsibilities: Which of the following best describe your current management responsibilities?

Individual contributor
Team lead or manager

Approximately how many years have you been working in your current career?

5 or fewer
6 to 10
11 to 20
21 or more

Which of the following are part of your professional work?

  Statistical analysis
  Data engineering
  Machine Learning
  NLP or Text-mining
  Physics, Chemical or Biological Modeling & Simulation
  Sensor fusion
  Image analysis
  Quality analysis
  Process & Systems Modeling
  Signal Processing
  Numerical Analysis
  Algorithm Development
  Geo-spatial Analysis
  Experimental Design

What is your highest level of formal education?


What is your current title?

In your own words what do you do professionally?

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Last Name

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