About: Computational Imagination

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Computational Imagination is a place where I, Michael Swenson, can write about topics that I find fascinating, talk with, highlight and celebrate really smart, creative people and give them a voice. If I find enough others who are interested I am happy to provide some community research and peer knowledge sharing.

I first used the phrase "Computational Imagination" back in 2004 when I was an industry analyst with IDC, covering technical computing (think supercomputers, clusters and workstations). I used it in a presentation that highlighted people and organizations that I thought were engaged in particularly creative, bleeding edge applications of computation. Over the intervening years I have worked on expressing and exercising my own Computational Imagination with activities like:

  • leading community research for The CIO Executive Council - including designing a 360 degree evaluation platform
  • building taxonomies and NLP components for an award winning start-up
  • building out my own data-centric product ideas and doing data science type consulting to pay the bills

While I try to use my technical skills in creative and imaginative ways, I really want this site to be about more than just my perspectives or bragging about what I have done. If you want to engage me in consulting see this page. But my hope is that like-minded people will find value in the interviews and community research and might themselves contribute a guest post. Hope you enjoy this site.